NA LCS: In a close best of 3 CLG takes down C9 with two 40 minute games and one 50 minute game

Game 1:

Dardoch goes for an invade at level three with Lee sin. He finds Olaf but is unable to kill him as he misses his Q. The blue buff that he interrupted Contractz from taking resets as well and Dardoch gets nothing from the invade initially. He returns a bit later to the blue buff as he can be sure that Olaf recalled and takes it down.

He sticks around the Blue side and goes for a gank on Ray’s Galio. Ray spots him early on and blows Flash in order to get away. Darshan went for a Flash Body Slam and missed it so it is an even trade.

First Blood goes to CLG. Aphromoo roams to the mid lane with Karma and flashes to get the root onto Jensen who burns Flash and Ghost. Lee Sin and Taliyah have enough follow up damage to get the kill after the root. Six minutes in and CLG is making some moves on the map.

CLG goes for another invade. Dardoch is spotted on a ward and gets collapsed upon. He kicks Lulu but can not immediately follow up with the Q as he gets polymorped. He hits it after he is himself again and forces out the flash from Lulu and Heal from Varus even though he was the one that was caught out.

CLG goes for a play on the bot lane and fails miserably. Huhi and Dardoch roam down and Huhi attempts to wall the C9 bot lane off. He goes under tower though and is polymorphed and gets a Varus ult thrown on him. He goes down and only takes the ignite away form Lulu. Stixxay tried to heal him but it was simply not enough through ignite. C9 equalizes at nine minutes in.

CLG makes another move. They try to take down the mid lane with a five man unit, walling of Olaf at first to give tehmselves more time. H takes a detour through river though and ultimately shows up in the middle of the five members. Galio flashes in and gets a taunt on two members and knocks up Lee Sin. He is then rooted up by the Varus ultimate which leads to him going down. A minor gold lead goes over to Cloud 9 and the tower first blood is still on the table.

Cloud 9 finds another pick in the CLG jungler this time. They take down Dardoch with the help of multiple Olaf axes and another Varus ultimate. Darshan continues to push the top turret and takes the tower down to half HP. Cloud 9 has a 600 gold lead.

CLG attempts a pick on the C9 bot lane but suddenly nearly all of C9 is there. While CLG do take down Lulu, they lose everyone but Darshan, who stayed top and did not participate in the play. Because of this C9 is able to take tower first blood and jumps to a three thousand gold lead at 19 minutes.

Just after CLG finally do get to take down Sneaky and have an advantage in the mid lane. Darshan tps in on Gragas but can get nothing done. It stays at the one for none trade in favour of CLG.

Both teams collapse on the respective enemy top laner. Darshan is able to get out with a Flash, Ray is not so lucky as he goes down, slowly but surely. As a result C9 take down top turret and CLG takes bot turret as well as a cloud drake.

At 25 minutes C9 starts the Baron dance. CLG has limited tools to gain vision from afar and have used both the blue trinket and the Wall from Taliyah to check if C9 was taking down the Baron. As C9 resets, CLG goes in to get the vision. Now is when Cloud 9 engages. Olaf runs in with his and the Galio ult on him. C9 takes down a double kill and the baron at 27 minutes.

A minute later CLG goes for a 3v5 fight at the dragon as Lulu died right after Baron and Galio is in the top lane. C9 takes down three kills though and only gives up one. With the man advantage and the baron, C9 is able to take the top and mid lane tier two towers before CLG respawns. A minute later C9 forces down the bot lane tiwer two with their seven thousand gold lead.

At 34 minutes C9 takes down te second baron extremely quickly due to their two mountain drakes. CLG was in the mid lane but were no where close to being able to contest. Cloud 9 takes a ten thousand gold lead and fights CLG near the dragon pit. They melt through Gragas and go on to take two more kills before Caitlyn can get one back on Olaf. The result of this is the middle inhibitor going down and C9 actually going for Elder.

CLG goes to contest 5 v 4 and still loses nearly everyone as C9 has too much damage and is too tanky for the CLG line up. With the won team fight Cloud 9 pushes down the mid lane and ends the game at 37 minutes with 13 k gold up.

Game 2:

At four minutes the CLG bot lane gets First blood. With Xayah and Rakan they go in on Lulu and take her down with Ignite and a Flash from Xayah. Lulu burned Flash, Ignite and even took the Heal from Varus but died anyways.

At six minutes CLG wants to make something happen on the top lane. They go for a dive on Jarvan but Jarvan flashes behind both members and excecutes the flag and drag combo with just enough mana to do it. Neither one of the CLG members die, but they don’t get a kill either.

Three members mid lane for C9 and tehy take down Huhi’s Orianna. Even though Gragas blocks Jarvans combo at first, he still ahs ultimate to mae it easier for Lee Sin to hit the Q for teh Excecute.

At ten minutes both teams go for a play. With the help of his Jungler, Darshan takes out the top lane turret and also gets a kill on the Jarvan. At the same time, Lee Sin comes into mid, hits a Q on a minion, ward jumps and then flashes for the Kick onto Orianna. She survives for a short while with the help of Rakan but ultimately goes down. CLG still comes out ahead ont he play due to tower first blood.

C9 gets superior positioning on the Infernal Drake and takes it down even though Dardoch went for a Smite steal. A fight breaks out and both Junglers die as a result of it. C9 is happy to take that trade. CLG stays ahead by a thousand gold though.

At 14 minutes CLG goes for yet another play in the mid lane. They take down Jarvan with a combination of Shockwave and Xayah root. They are not done there however. As a five man unit they first get the flash out of Syndra because a Gragas ultimate nearly knocks her into CLG’s team and tehn they kill her with the help of an ulted up Renekton under tower. They turn for said tower but run out of minions. They wait another wave and take it down. Two thousand gold lead.

CLG take down Infernal Drake at 19 minutes without contest. A minute later C9 finds themselves in midlane looking for their first tower of the game when they suddenly get engaged upon by Rakan. He ult, flash knockups in and gets the Orianna ulti ontop of it. Miraculously noone from C9 goes down and they only burn flash on Jensen and Contractz. Still worth for CLG as they defend their tower.

At 22 minutes CLG make their first mistake of the game and it’s a big one. They send four members bot lane to secure the tier one tower. Meanwhile Cloud 9 is free to go for Baron. They take it down without a problem and equalize the gold.

Three minutes later, after C9 used their Baron to push up mid and get other towers as well, Aphromoo has had enough. He goes in with Rakan and catches Sneaky. Easy kill for CLG. As a result they take their second dragon of the game.

CLG goes for vision for the Baron and tries to set up a pick. It is C9 however who make it happen. They find Dardoch and take him down due to a well timed Polymorph by Smoothie.

CLG finds the reengage! Rakan goes for yet another combo and gets the two most important members. He gets Sneaky and Jensen in hos knockup and they go down immediately. Darshan takes down Smoothie and Huhi and Darshan push up the mid lane to take teh inhibitor while Aphromoo and Stixxay take their time to kill Ray. When he goes down the rest opf C9 has respawned and CLG has yet another minute of 5 v 4.

CLG goes for Baron and when C) walks up they engage. They take down Sneaky and Smoothie and push up the mid lane to get one of the two nexus towers. After that, they disengage and set up a trap on the way to the dragon.

C) wants none of it and they go to the Baron. CLG attempts a Smite steal but doesn’t get it. They take down Ray and Contractz but lose Darshan and Aphromoo. Another bad decision for CLG.

A fight in the mid lane goes even. Both teams lose two and neither one gets anything from it. Aphromoo and Huhu seem to be winning or equalizing the fights for CLG with the Rakan Orianna combo.

CLG pushes top while C9 goes for mid. CLg is alot faster forcing C9 to recall and go for the fight. Jarvan flanks CLG and gets a four man ulti. That is not the decider of the fight though. Huhi gets a three man Shockwave and Stixxay escapes the damage from Jarvan ulti and all the aoe inside by going up with his own ult and pulling back the feathers right after. CLG wins the fight decisively and end the game at 41 minutes even though they gave up two Barons to Cloud 9. At the end they are only six thousand gold ahead.

Game 3:

Both Junglers want to make something happen on the bot side and it is Contractz who is succesful. He waits in the river brush and as Aphromoo goes to ward C9 picks up an easy first blood. Aphro was level three on Bard but did not skill Magical Journey, making escape impossible as his Flash was down.

CLG makes a move on the top side with five members. Ray gets out with his life and C9 doesn’t even lose the tower as the minion wave dies. Sneaky and Smoothie stayed in the bottom lane and get Tower First Blood at seven minutes. CLG get the tower but they are behind on the play even though they made the agressive move. A thousand gold lead goes over to Cloud 9.

In a ridiculous series of events Cloud 9 gets an Infernal Drake. CLG has the position and zones Contracts away. He goes for a Kha’Zix W to steal but the Dragon is at 700 health and it does nothing. Dardoch smites and the Dragon goes over to Contractz. Because Contractz did not upgrade his Jungle Item he still has the Talisman which steals 25 health over five seconds. Dardoch smited early enough to get it below five health and then the tick from Talisman came through to secure the Dragon for Cloud 9.

At minute 12 CLG gets a bottom lane turret by commiting Jungler and Top laner. At the same time they hold the Top tower with Caitlyn. Even though Cloud 9 tries to dive her, Huhi and Aphromoo counteract it early by denying vision and slowing down the members of C9 before they can come to the Tower in the first place. CLG recalls wich leaves Cloud 9 some time with the tower. They are unable to take it down though as TP gets channeled and Sneaky is forced to flash because of a Bard ultimate. Darshan is able to catch Contractz with an Exlosive Cask which means that Counter Logic Gaming now has priority on the Top side of the map. They want to channel it into a a Rift Herald but Cloud 9 contests and get a 2 for 1 trade as well as stopping the Rift Herald.

After this Cloud 9 finally takes the top tower as CLG takes down the Ocean Drake.

At minute 17 CLG takes the Rift Heral for free. They deploy it in the mid lane and take down the tower. C9’s gold lead shrinks to 600.

After nothing happened for five minutes excpet another Ocean Drake going down, a fight breaks out in the mid lane. Darshan gets a flank on C9 and CLG take out Sneaky. They pay for it with Dardoch’s life though so there is no advantage for either team.

Another fight breaks out in the mid lane. It is even until Ray completes his TP that is too far away from his team and too deep inside the Enemy. Even though he gets a five man Kennen ultimate, he is an AD Kennen and so it does nothing. CLG pick up the one kill and give chase. Cloud 9 kites it out beatifully and forces all of CLG to retreat with flashing Health bars.

25 minutes in and CLG sneaks the Baron. Bard portals in and four members stand in the back of the pit while Cloud 9 feels safe in the knowledge that they have the scuttle crab. Jensen walks by and doesn spotit and when Contractz comes close CLG uses Gragas ult, Bodyslam and Lee Sin kick to not permit him to get a steal down. Baron goes down and CLG gets out. As they reset, Sneaky pushes up mid lane and takes out the tower.

CLG pushes bot and get an Inhibitor turret. Both Junglers die in the fight during it and CLG is allowed to egt away otherwise unscathed. On their way back they pick up their third Ocean Drake.

Sneaky is picked off all alone in the mid lane at 30 minutes. That can not happen, CLG invests nothing and they get a kill for free.

CLG pushes top and gets the second tower. Meanwhile Ray pushes bot without teleport and gets the second turret there.

Cloud 9 has the inside track on Baron and is not able to capitalize. Dardoch kicks Ray into a Bard ulti and CLG get their first pick but not on Ray. They chase Cloud 9 through their Jungler and pick up everyone but Ray in a 4 for zero. CLG gets Baron on top as well.

Stixxay gets picked off in River and C9 want to take advantage. They push the mid lane and get overeager. CLG combines Bard, Gragas, Aurelion Sol and Lee Sin to get multiple picks in a dive that was started by Cloud 9. In a 4v 5 CLG trade 3 for 0.

As a result CLG pushes up mid and just as the three members are about to respawn they get a pick onto Jensen. With Stixxay arriving soon after, CLG take mid and bottom Inhib and back out. 6 thousand gold more in their pockets than in the ones of C9.

C9 takes a fight while CLG sieges the top lane. They get everyone on CLG so low and chase while Minions are able to take down one Nexus tower. CLG goes back in and loses three as a result.

C9 just resets the map and goes for a pick. The get Darshan to half HP but with Warmogs and three Ocean Drake he just has to get out of combat to gain his health. Both teams set up and go for a trade. CLG takes Baron, while C9 takes down Elder.

Elder runs out and Baron still has one minute left. With that, CLG pushes down the two inhibitors they exposed earlier and reset.

CLG picks off Ray, who nearly kills Huhi in the process. C9 gets some push but nothing more. With that pick CLG pushes again and kills Contractz. They can’t get anyting more and go up to the Baron. 50 minutes in and the Gold lead no longer matters.

Sneaky has to flash during the Siege by CLG. They get the two inhibs again and Bard ult lands on Sneaky who has no way of getting out of it. CLG pick him up and push into the base. In a last ditch Effort Jensen goes for an assasination on Stixxay but is immediately stopped by Gragas and bursted down. CLg finishes the game at 53 minutes.



EU LCS: Fnatic get their second win and 2:0 NiP even though they did fight back at times

Game 1:

In the first five minutes Shook gets caught three times in the enemy jungle and gives up first, second and third blood. After this the game calms down and only picks up again at ten minutes. Fnatic sets up for a play and goes for damage on the support. However they are unable to kill the Karma and end up going 0 for 2 in the trade, letting NIP dig themselves out of the pit Shook put them in.

Because of constant pressure in the bot lane in the Ashe-Twitch matchup NiP pick up tower first blood.

At 13 minutes Fnatic chooses to go for a tower trade. They get two bot lane turrets, using Soaz’s teleport. NiP pick up the top lane tower and deploy the Rift Herald they killed in the mid lane. It gets the tower low but does not kill it as Fnatic rotated up from the bottom lane to save the tower.

A bit later Fnatic tries to dive the mid lane Galio in the top lane. He is too tanky however and Fnatic retreat as Profit’s teleport comes in. Jesiz gets hit with an Ashe arrow on the way down and is left to die by his teammates. 3:3 is the scoreline

Fnatic goes for another pick in the top side and get it this time. Ashe is out of range for the Galio ulti and goes down to a combination of Jarvan and Twitch ult. Fnatic turns for Karma but Galio is now in range and prevents further kills.

At 20 minutes Fnatic take the mid tower after noone is there to defend for no reason. Two minutes later Soaz finds the Galio and after a long chase the Syndra picks up a kill.

Fnatic make a pick on the support and finally take down the top lane tower. A bit later, at 26 minutes a fight breaks out in the NiP jungle. Karma goes down once again and the Ninja’s jungler is chunked and uses flash to get out.

At 28 minutes Fnatic has teh inside track on the midlane and takes down the second tower there. NiP chooses to fight and they get punished for it. An extended fight breaks out and it ends up with 4 members of NiP having flashing healthbars. Fnatic reengage and pick up two kills at first until cpas chases down the jungler. Meanwhile, the rest ofFnatic went straight to the Baron and take it down. This leads to an eleven thousand gold lead.

things start to look up for NiP for a brief moment. They kill of Jungler and Support but then the play is turned around. Soaz goes in and it is Fnatic’s turn to start killing. They get the mid laner and support and are able to take the bot lane inhib and the mid lane inhibitor tower. Shortly after Shook goes to clear a ward and is caught out once more resulting in the next death for NiP.

Fnatic goes for the final push and has absolutely no problem killing off the entire team of NiP. Rekkless nearly gets a Penta with twitch but is denied by his team. Fnatic finishes with an 18 thousand gold lead.


Game 2:

At 5 minutes Soaz gets dived by three people in the top lane. First blood for the Ninjas.

Two minutes later Fnatic equalize in the bottom lane. With the help of a roaming Syndra they take down Tahm Kench before he can pop his gray health. The real reason he died was that they were too far forward as a duo and disrespected the missing Syndra.

Now at 10 minutes Fnatic makes another play. Shen ults in on the stealthed Twitch to make for a nasty surprise for the Varus and Tahm Kench. They try to turn it around with a tp from Jarvan, who is ultimately the one to go down as Fnatic comes with four members total. As a four man squad Fnatic also takes down the first tower of the game.

Fnatic apparently try to make a play every time Shen ulti is up. This time they catch Taliyah and want to chain it into a top lane dive. They are dissuaded and go for the Herald instead while NiP takes bot lane tower and the mountain drake. The Herald resets unexplicably though and Fnatic are left with nothing from that play.

NiP takes advantage of the failed play by Fnatic and takes down the mid lane tower at 15 minutes. They go for Rift Herald right after and this time it doesn’t reset. It goes over to NiP.

Fnatic pushes up mid and takes the tower unanswered. At the same time Rekkless gets caught in river and uses both summoners just to die anyways to the Lee sin. As a result NiP takes down the top lane tower.

NiP waste their Rift Herald on the bot lane as it was going to run out.It gets some chip damage and nothing more. However it does afford them an uncontested mountain drake. Their second of the game. At the same time, fnatic takes down the top tower.

At 23 minutes NiP find a fight in the mid lane. They take out Syndra and as Fnatic tries to make the turn around happen, they find Shen as well. 1 k gold lead NiP.

Due to some plays in the top side both top laners find themselves without tp. advantage to Fnatic because they have the Shen but Jarvan takes out the second bot lane turret while Shen can only watch. More gold in the pockets of NiP.

NiP sneak the third  mountain drake and Fnatic seems unsure on how to respond and they try to force a fight it fails and now NiP find a kick onto Rekkless. He somehow survives and finds three members of NiP in a choke point. Perfect for Twitch. Three quick kills. Mid and Adc survive and get two kills back on Fnatic before dying but it is not enough to dissuade tehm from taking the Baron.

Just a minute later Fnatic finds another fight. Even though Rekkless and Jesiz go down at the start. The rest of the team is healthy enough to clean up to get an ace. 5 for 2 trade in favour of Fnatic. With the ace they push up the bot lane to get the second tower there. Afte that they reset and set their eyes on the mid lane where they also take down the second tower. Five thousand gold lead for Fnatic.

Fnatic goes for another Baron but it is stolen by Taliyah! Fnatic get two kills in revenge but that still leaves three member of the Ninjas in Pyjamas with the buff. Fnatic is unfazed though and go top lane to take down the Inhibitor as a five man unit versus three. They overstay their welcome though and as NiP respawns they take down 4 after a long chase onto Syndra.

With the still active Baron NiP runs down mid to take down an Inhibitor of their own and they back off in time and also take the cloud drake.

In response Fnatic now pushes up the mid lane and kill Taliyah. After the death of their mid laner, NiP gives up one of their Nexus towers without a fight.

Soaz is collapsed upon in the bot lane by Jarvan and Taliyah. He takes up alot of time and his team starts the Baron while getting a pick on the enemy jungler. This means that NiP does not contest and Fnatic takes down Baron at 43 minutes.

Broxah egts caught in the enemy jungler but before he can go down he gets shields and two redemptions put on him. Syndra then bursts Varus from over the wal and the fight is decided in favour of Fnatic. They push down mid and end the game.


EU LCS: H2K get their second win of the week and the Monkeys show that they are here to play

Game 1:

H2K ganks the Top lane at nine minutes but it goes awry. Galio outplays top laner and jungler and picks up the first blood. Jankos flashes after him to secure the kill but it is worth for the Mysterious Monkeys. Seconds later the H2K support goes down. Thresh flash flays and pulls in Kha’Zix with a lantern. Even though the Varus ultimate roots them all up at some point, Zyra is too squishy to withstand a Kha’zix even through exhaust and heal.

The Mysterious Monkeys contine with their pressure and invade Jankos’ jungle. The LeBlanc picks up a kill with the help of Kha’zix and the score line is 3:1 in favour of the Monkeys.

H2K respond with another gank to the top lane. This time they get an unanswered kill on Galio mostly because Lucian roamed up. However after the play is complete Odoamne has to flash as he was tanking tower and did not realize it and in solidarity Jankos flashes as well to make his top laner not feel too bad about himself. H2K after those shenanigans also gets the first tower at 15 minutes.

Febiven dies a minute later in the mid lane as the jungler top laner and his lane opponent gang up to take him down. The Monkeys also pick up a Mountain Drake to boot.

The Monkeys take a fight around mid lane and win. They trade two for one and pick up the Rift Herald as well. LeBlanc goes low but is able to excecute after she is caught by Jankos. The Rift Herald is deployed immediately in the mid lane and is able to pick up the tower as well as get a small amount of damage on the second.

Febiven goes bot lane to pick up a tower but is picked up right after along with Jankos. 8:3 for the Mysterious Monkeys.

At 22 minutes a fight breaks out around the Infernal Drake. H2K trades three for two and picks up the Drake as well. Finally something goes the way of H2K. A minute later H2K picks up another kill on the Mid laner after he TP’d in. H2K picks up the turret moments after.

Even though the Monekys are ahead in kills, they have fallen behind in gold because they only took down one tower as opposed to H2K’s three. At 27 minutes H2K sneaks the Baron and is succesful. Another huge swing for the team, further in their favour.

With the Baron they are able to take down the second mid, top and bottom towers. H2K resets and finds another pick on the Monkeys’ mid laner. With this pick H2K forces down the bottom lane inhib before LeBlanc can respawn. As she does she runs out and is hit by another bodyslam from the Gragas resulting in another death. H2K forces the fight and is able to pick up three more before going to focus on the nexus towers where they make another kill happen. H2K has to wait for the minions before taking down the Nexus and they do so at 36 minutes with a 14:12 scoreline.


Game 2:

H2K ganks top again and expend both flashes to pick up first blood at three minutes and 30 seconds. Three minutes later Jankos returns and pick up a second kill for his Elise.

At twelve minutes H2K picks up their second turret of the game in the midlane( top lane had fallen due to the repeated ganks) along with a kill on the Cassiopeia after a flash taunt from Galio.

Shortly after this, H2K finds a fight in the jungle and picks up a three for zero and continues to snowball their lead with a 5 k gold lead at 13 minutes.

H2K picks up the Rift Herald and sets themselves up in the middle lane with it. It chunks the second tower considerably and H2K picks it up with the next wave.

Febiven gets caught and gives up the first kill to the Mysterious Monkeys.

At 21 minutes H2K gets themselves the Baron and wins a fight straight after, bumping the scoreline to 9:1. H2K rotates up to the top lane and gets the tower. They reset and go bot to pick up the tower there and bump their gold lead to twelve thousand. H2K continues pushing and picks up three kills, Inhib and only gives up one kill for it. After that they back off.

H2K forces another fight and they get four kills. Right after they run it down mid to finish the game with a 16 k gold lead.


While the Monkeys made some plays in the first game, H2K was able to come back because of their shotcalling and teamplay. In the second game H2K simply outplayed the Monkeys and were able to outmacro as well.

EU LCS: UoL takes out Vitality 2:0 after falling behind slightly in both early games

Game 1:

Vitality pick up the first blood. Thresh hooks the Caitlyn and throws a lantern to get his Twitch closer. In combination with an Elise gank it is an easy kill on the Caitlyn even though she trades back quite some damage on Twitch. Right after this the duo lane recalls and moves top where they are able to burn the flash of the Shen. By moving topside first they have an advantage in the lane swap game.

With four people top they take down first tower and trade it for the bottom tower. Unicorns try to also trade the infernal drake but Vitality contests and chunk out Xerxe. Even without the smite of their jungler up, Vitality secures the dragon.

Vitality takes down Rift Herald on spawn. UoL pushes out mid lane in response to this to prevent the taking of the mid lane turret. They also find a pick onto Vander’s Thresh and delay the play in the mid lane for longer.

Vitality doesn’t want to play to the usual music though, they spawn Rift Herald in the bot lane. UoL has great response time and takes it down before it can take down the tower. Meanwhile however Vitality try to make a play on the Syndra but she gets out using both summoners and putting Shen ult on cooldown.

UoL continues to catch up and after killing Ekko one second before his ult comes off cooldown and getting a pick on the Thresh they are ahead by a thousand gold and take down the mid lane turret.

UoL zone Vitality away from the top lane tower and even pick up a kill on the bot lane on Elise. They are slowly starting to completely take over the game. At 22 minutes into the game, UoL has rendered the early moves by Vitality useless and now wields a four thousand gold lead and is up in kills 5 to 1.

Vitality throws in everything and can not get a kill. They lose their mid laner and support, giving up a double kill to the Caitlyn. The unicorns immediately go to baron. There they pick up another double kill, this time for the Syndra as she first catches twitch over the wall and then goes on to kill Elise.

Now with 8 thousand gold up, a scoreline of 9:1 and the baron under their belt, UoL push down the mid lane. After an assasination attempt on Caitlyn the Unicorns simply keep pushing and seem unfazed. Vitality tries a desperation play and loses two, resulting in UoL waltzing in and taking down the Nexus at 29 minutes. At the end it’s a 15:1 scoreline and a 15 thousand gold lead!

Game 2:

At 3:30 minutes Vitality picks up first blood on the top side. An easy Graves gank as the Galio’s flash was down from an earlier trade with Gragas.

UoL commits four members to the bottom lane and ends up getting a solo kill for the LeBlanc. As an extension of the play Nukeduck roams down and the UoL botlane displays some fancy footwork to dodge the Orianna ulti and survive. Upon returning to the mid lane, Orianna is chunked by LeBlanc and forced to back seconds after coming to lane. Both summoners were forced out as well.

Zac and Thresh make for great gankers and together they punish the Orianna for showing her face in lane again and take her down with the help of LeBlanc, Thresh gets the kill though.

A turret trade is initiated and UoL is able to pick up the tower first blood on the top lane.

At 18 minutes the score remains 2:1 in favour of the Unicorns. However they push down the mid turret to advance their gold lead to two thousand gold. A minute later a fight breaks out around the Rift Herald. The unicorns trade 1 for 3 only losing Thresh and the Rift Herald goes over to Vitality.

In a horrible turn of events for Vitality, as they try to use the Rift Herald to take down the top lane tower, they get engaged upon and ultimately get aced. UoL rotates up to the baron and takes it down with no problem at 22 minutes.

With the Baron the Unicorns push down the bot lane while also getting two kills. They take down the bottom inhib at 25 minutes.

Vitality simply can not contest with the Unicorns. They are simply too far ahead and as they push into the base they go for a last fight at least taking down Exileh but not doing much more. The game ends with a 15 thousand gold lead for the Unicorns.

EU LCS: G2 wins 2:1 against Roccat despite three subs

Game 1:

In the first game of the series G2 builds a protect the Zven comp with Karma mid and Lulu support. Roccat gets the strongest duo lane at the moment through champ select and locks in Xayah, Rakan. Due to various vacation times and sicknesses G2 is playing with substitutes in the mid, jungle and top positions.

For 18 minutes the game is just a farm simulator, which G2 is absolutely fine with. The scaling is on their side and they continue to go even in their lanes. However, at 18 minutes the first blood for Roccat comes through. The Roccat bot lane engages and gets Mithy. Rakan goes in and knocks him up. Lulu flashes and ults herself but Xayah ults and flashes after him. She has just enough damage to take him down. Tp from Mid and Top is too late to save Mithy. On top of the first blood there is a 2 for 1 tp trade in favour of Roccat.

First tower in the Bottom lane for Roccat at 21 minutes. After killing Mithy Elise roams bot to secure Tower first blood.

At 24 minutes Roccat engages on the top side. Rakan flash knockup ults in and gets Zven. Despite the Shields from Karma and Lulu he goes down. Top lane turret is quick to follow

Minute 26 and Roccat attempts a Baron bait. However they do not clear the vision diligently and get nothing. At 31 minutes the Baron goes down for Roccat, giving them the opportunity to open up the map

Zven has 2 and a half items and a little bit of armor penetration. Slowly but surely he is scaling up in the game.

Zven gets caught and Mithy sacrifices his life for teh AD-carry. G2 tries to defend their second tier mid turret and trade 2 for two under the tower. However they get over eager and walk into the taunt of the Galio and the Karma dies. With only Zven and Mithy alive, they have to cede middle inhib.

Another flash ult from the Rakan secures a double kill with a beautiful Galio Ulti wombo combo. This secures the Bot lane inhib.

Flash cocoon on the mid laner secures the second Baron for Roccat at 38 minutes.

With the Baron buff, Roccat pushes the top lane and catch Zven, the vital member on the G2 lineup. After he is gone it is just a formality for the team to push down the nexus towers and finish the game at 40 minutes.


Game 2:

Loulex invades the Jungle of Roccat and finds Pridestalker. Even though the Elise is able to get damage down, G2’s mid laner can roam first and secures first blood. Betsy smells blood and uses both summoners to try to kill the Kha’zix,  who survives

G2 ganks the mid lane and force the Shen Ult out of Roccat. It gets interrupted which means that G2 has a TP advantage allowing Zven’s Kog’ Maw to farm.

G2 returns mid lane. Kha’zix does a lane gank and before he is spotted Lucian unfortunately dashes in. This makes it all the more easy for Kha’zix to jump on top of him, force the flash and flash after him to secure the kill with a shockwave from Orianna. With that shockwave, G2 also hits the Elise who had come to help her mid laner and dies for it as well. 3:0 for G2 at ten minutes with a two k gold lead as well.

Two minutes later Roccat tries for a play on the bottom side. Zven gets ulted by the Malzahar and takes a lot of damage from Caitlyn. He saves himself however with a heal and the lantern from Mithy. Mithy then goes on to block an Elise cocoon and tank the damage to let his AD live. Now it is G2’s turn to make a play. after waiting for the wave to push to their tower, Mithy flash flays and hits Malzahar, Caitlyn and Elise.  The Tp’s start channeling and Junglers and Mid laners are there as well. It is a full five on five which G2 wins thanks to plays by Mithy and a 2 man taunt from the Galio. The Scoreline after Mid, Adc and support die, goes to 6:0 and the Orianna currently stands at 4/0/1 seemingly trying to put G2 on her back alone. The Shen tries to get something back under tower but onyl gets a kill on the support and dies in the process, giving another kill over to the Kha’zix.

Another two minutes later and G2 wins the 2v2 in the botlane easily as neither Zven nor Mithy lost any hp and just kill the Malzahar. Seconds later, as the bot lane pushes up Roccat channels Shen’s TP in a desparation move which G2 get out of easily with a lantern. Meanwhile, Galio continues to push the top lane and takes the tower down before the Shen can arrive back to lane. It’s a 5 thousand gold lead at 16 minutes for G2.

Roccat makes a 5 man play bot lane and gets kills on the Jungler and support but get nothing after. Right after, Zven walks at Hjarnan and straight kills him without the rest of the team nearby. Shortly after Roccat tries another play and picks up a kill on the Galio. Meanwhile Zven has rotated to the top lane and gets a large chunk of damage on the tier 2 tower in the top lane after having taken down the Bot lane tower due to killing Hjarnan.

At 22 minutes the game seems to be in the hands of G2. They are 4 thousand gold ahead and have the scaling on their side. However, Roccat continues to make moves on the map and pushes mid and bot lane while Zven contines to push top. In one of these pushes the Jungler gets caught which allows G2 to get the mid tower and another kill on the Lucian as well. At the same time the Shen continues to push bot while G2 moves towards the Baron. The remaining member of Roccat do not contest and rather push up mid and bot further. They get the bottom lane tier 2 and also a kill on the Orianna. However, Shen and Caitlyn pay for it with their lives burning Shen ult and heal as well.

With the Baron, G2 pushes all the way down to the Inhibitor at which point Roccat engages. They get nothing however and lose three. G2 tries to go for Nexus towers but is turned away getting one more kill but giving one up as well. At 29 minutes G2 has the bottom lane inhib down and the Top lane inhib exposed. They reset to go back to the Baron area. 2 minutes later they get it without a fight from Roccat. However they do get a pick on Zven, delaying the Baron up time.

It does not matter however as G2 at 34 minutes just forces down the mid lane tower and kills four members easily. They continue to the Nexus and end the game with an eleven thousand gold lead.


Game 3:

At seven minutes Fizz picks up a double kill out of nowhere. He leaves the mid lane and ults the Graves while he is clearing his Krugs. Even though he expends ulti and flash, he can not get far away enough to save himself from the follow up damage of the Fizz. Then Fizz and G2’s top laner turn on the Gnar and pick up an easy double.

4 minutes later G2 ganks the top lane once again and is succesful. They expend flashes on both Galio and Kha’zix to secure the kill on Gnar, who also flashed in the process. 3:0 G2

At 20 minutes some action finally returns to the game. Four members of G2 are botlane and they get a tower and secure a kill on Xayah. Fizz ulted her and as she had used her ult in a trade with Zven earlier, she has no way to block the damage coming through and goes down. Now they are three thousand gold ahead.

Three minutes later, G2 trades their top lane tower for an infernal drake and are quite happy as the tower had been going down for quite some time. A bit later G2 gets Roccat’s top tower and trade nothing for it, as they are just that far ahead.

As Roccat pushes up the mid lane, they are engaged upon by G2 and their midlaner dies. This results in their midlane turret going down and G2 getting farther and farther ahead. When Syndra gets back to lane she is immediately sent back to her base as Fizz and Karma first pop the Banshees veil and then kill her directly after.

The game enters another lull as either team seems like they don’t want to do anything. Vision is built up and defended and G2 get a bot lane tower. Now they are four thousand gold ahead and might look toward baron.

At 34 minutes Baron goes down. Roccat gets it and lose two but they are fine with that as they get the Baron. However, they get nothing from the Baron. As it starts to run out G2 finds a fight by first repecting the Mega Gnar and then opening up on the Syndra when they find an angle for the Twitch. They kill Syndra, they kill Gnar and they even clean up Xayah resulting in the Elder and middle Inhibitor tower for G2.

Gnar has built so much armor to deal with the Twitch that when he faces the 5/0/3 Fizz he explodes instantly, opening up G2 to take middle and bottom inhib. G2 picks up an ace in the jungle of Roccat and even a quadra kill for the Kha’zix. G2 ends with a 17:1 scoreline and a 10 k gold lead.



Something to note was that in none of the three games, the Rift Herald was taken. In previous games the teams seemed to put a large emphasis on it but it did not play a role in these games. Furthermore the substitutes did not seem to harm G2 as they were the ones who got the early advantages in games two and three. Zven and Mithy acted as the anchor for the team, granting them late game reassurance so that they could make early game plays.

EU LCS: Fnatic sweeps Misfits once again

Game 1:

The First Game of the Series was a slow one. The first notable thing that happened was at nine minutes. During an earlier trade in the Top Lane, Alfari’s Kennen had flashed the taunt from Galio as he feared a gank from Elise. However this meant that when Soaz charged his taunt at minute nine, the Flash was not available when Elise did gank leading to an easy first blood.  This also resulted in the Top Tower going down.

Just a few minutes later, Fnatic make a four man play Bottom and get another kill as well as the Tower in the Bot lane. The Game enters a lull and the Misfits make one pick in the midlane which results in the tower going down as they had picked up the tower earlier.

The next big play happens around the infernal dragon. Misfits start it up but Fnatic challenges. PowerOfEvil bursts down Jesiz with a Syndra ultimate leading the teams to reset and trade poke around the drake. Then Soaz finds a play with a Flash taunt on Galio, locking down the Jungler and AD-Carry. Fnatic immediately commits and gets kills on both of the primary target while chunking the rest of the team. This leads to a three thousand gold lead and the infernal drake as well.

At the twenty minute mark, the Baron dance begins. Fnatic has unrelenting control of the area and gets pick after pick on Ignar. However they never feel confident enough to start and complete the baron as there is the possibility of a steal. This posturing results in skirmishes and goes on until minute 35.

Fnatic pushes up midlane and Rekkless goes towards raptor camp. He is caught by the Syndra stun but manages to buffer the Tristana Jump and gets far enough away to not get taken out. Meanwhile Caps hits a crucial Taliyah knockback on the Jungler and Midlaner. Fnatic finally gets the pick that they needed and get the Baron. At this point in the game, Fnatic had acrued a gold lead of seven thousand and it was merely a formality to close out the game.

With the help of the Baron buff Fnatic took three uncontested Inhibs and then took the final fight to Misfits with one of many beautiful Taliyah ultimates. At the end of the game Fnatic was 16 thousand gold ahead and the scoreline of the game was 17:5 in the favor of Fnatic.


Game 2:

In the second Game Fnatic drafted another protect the Rekkless comp: Shen, Elise, Orianna, Tristana, Thresh to be precise. This comp got off the ground at minute six! While a few Misfits players go to ward the Tri-Brush at Bot lane, Fnatic prepares the catch. Jesiz flashes forwards flays the two members and throws a lantern behind him to get Elise into the fray. Rekkless recklessly jumps over the wall and gets a Shen ult on top of him. Caps roams down from the midlane to zone the four Misfit members ultimately resulting in a Triple Kill for the Tristana.

With a two thousand gold lead at seven minutes, Fnatic went to push for Towers. It was the Misfits however, who took the Tower first blood after a four man Top rotation. Fnatic answered seconds later with the Bot turret and got a lot of chip damage on the Mid tower as well. The trades went on, but now on the other sides of the map. Three misfit members made short work of the Bot lane tower, while it was enough for Fnatic to send their Duo to the Top side. In the meantime Ocean Drake went to the Misfits, while Fnatic took the Rift Herald. This is where the Misfits make a fatal mistake. They decide to continue the push on the botside, even though the Tristana was on her way to the second Top lane turret and the Rift Herald was summoned in the Mid lane. Fnatic got the middle inhib tower and all of the top outers, while Misfits got the Bot inhib tower. This was 12 minutes into the game!

At this point Fnatic has an even greater Gold lead and go for a play which starts at the entrance to their red jungle. Broxah misses his cocoon but walks forward nonetheless. Shen arrives as he had channeled his ultimate on the Elise and dashes over the wall to the Mid lane. He flashes into the people and first gets the Malzahar passive down. Then Orianna presses her ultimate in the middle of three people. Unnoticed by Misfits, Shen had had the Orianna ball on top of him when he flashed into three people. Double Kill for the Ori. Fnatic is seven thousand gold ahead at 15 minutes.

A new drake spawns and Fnatic decides to contest 4 versus 5 because Rekkless is currently pushing Top. Shen goes in and gets a ton of damage on the AD- Carry and the Support. However, he has no followup and is focused down by the whole Misfits team. Caps seems to dodge every skillshot thrown out by PoE’s Ahri and Hans Sama’s Varus all while dealing massive damage with his ball. In the end, Misfits get the drake at which point Jesiz lands a hook on the Ahri and goes in. She is killed immediately and Fnatic continues the 3 v 4. They win it handily while kiting backwards. In this whole time Rekkless got Top lane inhibitor tower and then walked to the fight only to realize when he arrived that all the enemies were dead.

At twenty minutes Fnatic has triple inhibs down in the Misfits base and decide to go for a clean Baron set up with deep wards. They get the Baron and are 13 thousand gold ahead at 22 minutes. They end the Game with a 20:4 scoreline and Rekkless ends the series without having died once.


All in all Fnatic seemed to be in total control in both games and thanks to Jesiz’s Hooks always landing could force fights as well. Rekkless and Caps were both absolute monsters while Soaz and Broxah played well around their carries and made some plays of their own.






EU LCS: H2K beats Splyce with a 2:0


Game 1:

The first game started relatively calmly. Both teams were ok with farming to the midgame as Splyce would experience a powerspike with their Jarvan top and Elise jungle. H2K would have the stronger late game Teamfight because of their Beefy frontline with their Gragas in the top lane, and the scaling Viktor and Caitlyn. However, at 5 minutes Jankos was caught invading with Graves and gave up an easy First Blood to Trashy’s Elise.  Four minutes later Jankos’ gank on the Top side failed because Wunder first used his Ulti to block Graves’ Q and gain some distance, then flashed to get away. Meanwhile in the Bottom lane, Splyce’s Duo got a kill on Nuclear after he got caught by Varus’ Ulti. A polymorph from Miky’s Lulu prevented him from taking the Lantern to safety.

Another four minutes later, in minute 13, it was H2K’s Bottom lanes’ turn to make a play. Chei first dodged a Flash Cocoon from Trashy and was then able to land a hook on the Lulu for an easy return kill in a 2v3. Only two minutes later, H2K was able to take the Rift Herald because they rotated their Bot lane to the Top lane and forced Splyce to defend while they took it. In answer to this Sencux forced an All in with Febiven to get mid lane pressure. Even though the Viktor did not die, he was forced out of lane, leading H2K to delay their usage of the Rift Herald.

In Minute 16 Splyce takes the First Tower in the Top lane because the Varus they had rotated up to defend before the Rift Herald was taken stayed and pushed it down. At this point, the team is three thousand gold ahead. H2K make that a two thousand gold lead soon after by deploying the Rift Herald in the Mid Lane and pushing it down.

In Minute 23, H2K commits their whole team to a collapse. They get two kills and reset. Five minutes later, Splyce face checks around the Baron area and give up two kills. H2K goes for Baron as one of the people they killed was the Jungler and they secure it shortly after. They use the buff to get a few towers and the next interesting thing that happens is a Teamfight in which Gragas hits a massive Bodyslam-Flash into Ulti to take out two member instantly.

From there on H2K simply got another Baron and closed out the Game easily. At the end they overcame the advantage Splyce had because of their superior shot calling and because Splyce made a few mistakes.


Game 2:

In the second game, Splyce drafted a full snowball comp. With an Akali Top, Elise Jungle and a Lucian Mid, they had to win the early to mid-game or they would lose later. This was when Jankos stepped in.

He invaded, again with the Graves. He stole Trashy’s Blue and killed him at minute 3. Meanwhile the Lucian Mid goes aggressive but is not aware that Thresh is roaming from the Bot-side. He gets caught and Jankos gets the kill credit. He is not done there however. He continues his rotation and finally ends up at bot lane to kill the Twitch. He went from 0/0/0 to 3/0/0 within two minutes and from that point on it only got worse for Splyce.

Odoamne was able to win the 1v1 matchup vs the Akali and finished the game with an 8/2/2 Fiora. Febiven got fed as well and the Trio was able to finish the Game in 24 minutes. This was also aided by a God-like performance from Chei who hit nearly every Thresh hook in the two games that he played.

To sum it up, while Splyce was able to give a close first game, they ultimately lost because of small macro mistakes. The second game was taken over by an out of his mind Jankos and simply snowballed in the wrong direction for Splyce.



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